One important result was that

One important result was that INCB024360 purchase Rushton could confirm and extend Jensen’s 1973 idea that the three major racial groups form a developmental continuum. He established a three-way hierarchy of traits, where East Asians

scored highest (or lowest, respectively) on 60 + different traits (including general intelligence), Blacks lowest (or highest, respectively), and where Whites are found in between the extremes. This impressive achievement dovetailed with parallel ranking of races according to brain size. Rushton ended up by concluding that only a gene-based evolutionary theory – his Genetic Similarity Theory – could explain the totality of the trait patterns in his racial hierarchy, including differences in assortative mating, ethnic nepotism, and inclusive fitness. A sabbatical leave in 1982–83 allowed Osimertinib Rushton to work together with the prominent late professor Hans Eysenck and others, on the University of London Twin Register. They demonstrated that individual differences in altruism, empathy, nurturance, aggression, violent crime, and human kindness had heritability up to 50%. Rushton cultivated several other scientific interests during his highly productive career. Inspired by Hans Eysenck, he inquired into links between creativity and Sybil

and Hans Eysenck’s Psychoticism dimension. Inspired by Davison Ankney, and Richard Lynn, Rushton studied sex differences in brain size and general intelligence. He examined scientific eminence, and spent much time in the latter part of his career on developing buy Vorinostat and materializing the concept of a General Factor of Personality (GFP). Rushton even found time and energy to preside over The Pioneer Fund and establish and direct the Charles Darwin Research Institute in London, Canada. Already in the early phases of discussing r-K life history, Rushton began to suspect that a basic personality dimension (today called the General Factor of Personality, GFP,

but then represented by the K-dimension) might explain socially relevant aspects of personality – such as its “good” and “difficult” sides. He ended up concluding that GFP reflects a general dimension of social effectiveness, a product of natural selective Darwinian forces. Shortly before his untimely death, Rushton affirmed in an interview (Nyborg, 2012) that “… Darwin and E.O. Wilson were correct. Human social behavior is best understood as part of a life history – a suite of traits genetically organized to meet the trials of life, survival, growth, and reproduction”. Rushton’s metamorphosis from social learning theory to evolutionary, socio-biological, and behavior genetics theory, was unsettling to most post-modern academics, as they found that Rushton’s ideas about race differences, evolution, inheritance, and bio-physiological influences clashed head-on with their superior moral ideal of social equality. This made Rushton a subject to repeated vicious attacks during most of his career.

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