“In this study, we isolated a new glucoside of the resvera

“In this study, we isolated a new glucoside of the resveratrol trimer

(hopeaside E) from the stem wood of Hopea utilis. The glucoside structure is partially composed of balanocarpol (resveratrol dimer) after oxidative condensation of the (E)-resveratrol-10-C-beta-glucopyranoside. The structure elucidation was achieved by spectroscopic analysis including NMR experiments, and the absolute configuration histone deacetylase activity was determined on the basis of the comparative configurational analysis with the beta-D-glucopyranosyl group. Conformational analysis was also performed by considering deshielding effects due to aromatic rings using computational methods of molecular modeling. The aglycone has six asymmetric carbons with two

aliphatic hydroxyl groups attached to them that has not been reported in any other resveratrol derivative studies. (C) 2013 Phytochemical Society of Europe. Published by Elsevier B. V. All rights reserved.”
“Background/Aims. Vitamin D(3) is liposoluble, so dietary fat could increase its oral absorption. Our aim was to compare serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH) D] after the oral intake of cholecalciferol with a high-or low-fat meal. Methods. In a single-blind, parallel clinical trial, 32 healthy physicians were divided into two groups. In the same day, they ingested 50,000 IU (1.25mg) of vitamin D3 with food: group 1 (G1): lipids: 25.6 g and group 2 (G2) lipids: 1.7 g. Serum 25(OH) D (0, 7, and 14 days), LY3039478 Stem Cells & Wnt inhibitor and parathyroid hormone (PTH), and calcium (0 and 14 days) were measured. Results. Baseline mean serum 25(OH) D levels were 42.7 +/- 19.0 nmol/L in G1 and 36.4 +/- 19.0 nmol/L in G2 (P = 0.38). After cholecalciferol, mean serum 25(OH) D was higher in G1 (P < 0.001): 7 days: G1 = 46.2 (38.4-53.9)

nmol/L and G2 = 33.7 (25.4-40.1) nmol/L; 14 days: G1 Fer-1 = 53.7 (45.2-62.1) nmol/L and G2 = 33.7 (25.2-42.2) nmol/L. Serum PTH and 25(OH) D were negatively correlated before and after the intake of vitamin D(3), respectively, r = -0.42 (P = 0.02) and r = -0.52 (P = 0.003). Conclusions. A high-fat meal increased the absorption of vitamin D3, as measured by serum 25(OH) D.”
“Two new acylated dolabellane-type diterpenes, nigellamines B-3 (9) and D (10), were isolated from Nigella sativa (Ranunculaceae) seeds using column chromatography and preparative HPLC. Their structures were determined based on chemical and physicochemical evidence, and confirmed using previously isolated related compounds as reference. Of the seed constituents, nigellamines A(2) (2), A(3) (3), A(5) (5), B-1 (6), and B-2 (7) had in vitro triglyceride metabolism-promoting activities in the high glucose-pretreated human liver carcinoma cell line, HepG2. (C) 2013 Phytochemical Society of Europe. Published by Elsevier B. V.

A total of 1,703 patients met the study criteria, and the inciden

A total of 1,703 patients met the study criteria, and the incidence of

complete amiodarone monitoring for all patients was 7.6 %. The least common monitoring test performed was triiodothyronine at 19.4 %, and the most common was electrocardiogram at 89.7 %. Critically ill patients and neonates were more likely to have amiodarone monitoring. Considerable variation in monitoring practices between pediatric hospitals was identified. Monitoring of amiodarone therapy in patients admitted to pediatric hospitals is low. Future efforts to standardize selleck chemical care are warranted.”
“Background. Infertility is both a clinical and a public problem, affecting the life of the couple, the healthcare services, and social environment. Standard semen analysis is the surrogate measure of male fertility in clinical practice. Objective. To provide information about the relationship between semen parameters and spontaneous conception. Methods. We evaluated retrospectively 453 pregnancies that occurred among 2935 infertile couples evaluated at an infertility clinic of a tertiary-care university hospital, between 2004 and 2009. Results. Normal semen analysis was present only in 158 patients; 295 subfertile patients showed alterations in at least one seminal parameter. A reduction in all seminal parameters was observed in 41 patients. Etiological causes of male infertility were identified in 314 patients. Conclusion. Our data highlights the possibility of

a spontaneous conception with semen parameters below WHO reference values. Therefore, we support the importance of defining reference values on a population of fertile men. Finally, www.selleckchem.com/screening/autophagy-signaling-compound-library.html we analyzed the related ethical issues.”
“Neo-aortic arch obstruction (NAAO) is a common complication following the Norwood/Sano procedure (NP) for hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) and is associated with increased morbidity and mortality. However, there is currently no objective method for predicting which patients will develop NAAO. This study was designed to test the hypothesis that hemodynamic changes from development of NAAO after NP in patients with HLHS AC220 supplier will lead to changes in myocardial dynamics that could

be detected before clinical symptoms develop with strain analysis using velocity vector imaging. Patients with HLHS who had at least one cardiac catheterization after NP were identified retrospectively. Strain analysis was performed on all echocardiograms preceding the first catheterization and any subsequent catheterization performed for intervention on NAAO. Twelve patients developed NAAO and 30 patients never developed NAAO. Right ventricular strain was worse in the group that developed NAAO (-6.2 vs. -8.6 %, p = 0.040) at a median of 59 days prior to diagnosis of NAAO. Those patients that developed NAAO following NP were significantly younger at the time of first catheterization than those that did not develop NAAO (92 +/- A 50 vs. 140 +/- A 36 days, p = 0.001).

Moreover, using three independent sets of data (collected

Moreover, using three independent sets of data (collected LY3039478 from ice-cores and chemistry) we perform a specific regression analysis which concludes that forecasts about the correlation between CO2-concentration and temperature rely heavily on the choice of data used, and one cannot be positive that indeed such a correlation exists (for chemistry data) or even, if existing (for ice-cores data), whether it leads to a “”severe”" or a “”gentle”" global warming. A very recent development on the greenhouse phenomenon is a validated adiabatic model, based on laws of physics, forecasting a maximum temperature-increase of 0.01-0.03 degrees C for a value doubling the

present concentration of atmospheric CO2. Through a further review of related studies and facts from disciplines like biology and geology, where CO2-change is viewed from a different perspective, it is suggested that

CO2-change is not necessarily always a negative factor for the environment. In fact it is shown that CO2-increase has stimulated the growth of plants, while the CO2-change history has altered the physiology of plants. Moreover, data from palaeoclimatology show that the CO2-content in the atmosphere is at a minimum in this geological aeon. Finally it is stressed that the understanding of the functioning of Earth’s complex climate system (especially for water, solar radiation and so forth) is still poor and, hence, scientific knowledge is not at a level to give definite and precise answers for the causes of global warming. (C) 2008 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.”
“Objective. There find more is little information about the combination of genetic variability in pregnant women and their children in relation to the risk of preterm delivery (PTD). In a sub-cohort of 487 non-Hispanic white and 288 African-American mother/child

pairs, the Pregnancy Outcomes and Community Health Study assessed 10 functional polymorphisms in 9 genes involved in innate immune function.

Methods. Race-stratified weighted logistic regression models were used to calculate odds ratios for genotype and PTD/PTD learn more subtypes. Polymorphisms significantly associated with PTD/PTD subtypes were tested for mother/child genotype interactions.

Results. Three maternal polymorphisms (IL-1 receptor antagonist intron two repeat (IL-1RN), matrix metalloproteinase-C1562T, and TNF receptor two M196R (TNFR2)) and three child polymorphisms (IL1-RN, tumor necrosis factor-alpha -G308A, and TNFR2) were associated with PTD, but associations varied by PTD subtype and race. Two interactions were detected for maternal and child genotype. Among non-Hispanic white women, the odds of PTD was higher when both mother and child carried the IL-1RN allele two (additive interaction p < 0.05). Among African-American women, the odds of PTD were higher when both mother and child carried the TNFR2 R allele (multiplicative interaction p < 0.05).


We found

We found GW4869 inhibitor significant correlations between FoP and intrusive thoughts (r = 0.63), avoidance (r = 0.57), hyperarousal (r = 0.54) and posttraumatic stress disorder diagnosis

(r = 0.42). Factors significantly associated with moderate and high FoP included a depressive coping style as well as an active problem-oriented coping style, intrusion, avoidance and hyperarousal symptoms (Nagelkerke’s R(2) = 0.44).

Conclusions: Findings of this study give information regarding the frequency and the character of anxiety in breast cancer survivors and underline the relation of FoP to the reality of living with breast cancer. Results suggest that intrusive cognitions as well as avoidance and hyperarousal symptoms seem to be closely related to future-oriented fears of cancer recurrence. Copyright (C) 2009 John Wiley & Sons, DUB inhibitor Ltd.”
“Studies have suggested that elevated tumor mitotic rate (MR) is linked to overall survival in thin melanoma. Recently, promising data regarding anti-phosphohistone

3 (pHH3) immunohistochemistry and its ability to aid in calculation of MR have emerged. The authors retrospectively analyzed original biopsies from 13 thin melanomas with positive sentinel node (SN) status and 16 thin melanomas with negative SN status. Both anti-pHH3 immunohistochemistry and the hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) stain were used to evaluate MR by 2 dermatopathologists blinded to SN status using the hot spot method. Intraclass coefficient values were attained to measure interobserver concordance and reliability of the pHH3 stain. By generating a receiver operating characteristic curve

and analyzing the overall area under the curve, pHH3 was found to have good interobserver reliability. The relationship between MR and SN involvement was also evaluated, but this correlation was not statistically selleck chemicals llc significant.”
“Objective. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the oxidative stress biomarkers in patients with subclinical hypothyroidism (n = 20) and health controls (n = 20). Subjects and Methods. Total cholesterol (TC), triglycerides (TGs), low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol (LDL-C), high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C), thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARSs), catalase (CAT), superoxide dismutase (SOD), and arylesterase (ARE) were analyzed. Results. TC, LDL-C, TBARS, and CAT were higher in subclinical hypothyroidism patients, whereas SOD did not change. Arylesterase activity was significantly lower in the SH group, compared with the control group. Correlation analyses revealed the association of lipids (TC and LDL-C) with both oxidative stress biomarkers and thyrotropin (TSH). Thyroid hormones were correlated only with triglyceride levels. In addition, TSH was significantly correlated with TBARS, CAT, and SOD. However, no significant correlations were observed after controlling TC levels. Conclusions.

As ex vivo lung perfusion use becomes more widespread, questions

As ex vivo lung perfusion use becomes more widespread, questions have arisen regarding the metabolic activity of the donor lung during ex vivo lung perfusion, optimal perfusion-ventilation strategy, and which parameters best define organ improvement or deterioration. Answers to many of these questions can be found in the published experience check details with the isolated perfused lung in the study of lung mechanics, pulmonary metabolism, and the effects of various interventions on lung quality. The purpose of this review is to summarize past and present evidence and to provide important background

for clinicians and investigators using the ex vivo lung perfusion/isolated perfused lung system. J Heart Lung Transplant 2012;31:339-48 (C) 2012 International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation. All rights reserved.”
“The assimilation of inorganic nitrogen is an essential process for all plant-like organisms. In the presence of ammonium and nitrate as nitrogen sources, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii preferentially assimilates ammonium and represses the nitrate assimilation pathway

through an unknown mechanism that in part involves the guanylate cyclase CYG56. It is demonstrated that cells not only respond quantitatively to the NH4+ signal but are also able to sense a balance between both nitrogen sources. This quantitative www.selleckchem.com/products/SB-203580.html response was altered in a collection of mutants that were partially insensitive to NH4+. In one of these mutants, reduced function of a gene selleck products named CDP1 encoding a cysteine domain-containing protein was genetically linked to NH4+ insensitivity. Alteration of CYG56 or

CDP1 transcription was detected in several mutants, and combined down-regulation of both genes seemed to enhance the incapacity to sense NH4+ properly. These results suggest that transcriptional regulation of CYG56 and CDP1 are central and independent steps of the NH4+ signalling pathway.”
“We report on the synthesis, crystallographic and transport properties of the Zintl phase BaGe5, which crystallizes in a new clathrate-type structure. This compound was synthesized by the decomposition of the type-I clathrate Ba8Ge43 square(3) subjected to annealing treatment at 623, 673 and 793 K. Electrical resistivity, thermopower and thermal conductivity measurements were performed in the temperature range 2 -773 K and complemented by magnetization, specific heat and Hall experiments below room temperature. Additional information on the chemical bonding and electronic band structure in BaGe5 was obtained through the electron localizability indicator (ELI) and the total density of states, all calculated within the all-electron full-potential local orbital method (FLPO). In agreement with the chemical bonding and electronic band structure calculations, electrical resistivity and specific heat data show that BaGe5 is a semiconductor.

Placenta-maternal plasma ratios and fetal-maternal plasma ratios

Placenta-maternal plasma ratios and fetal-maternal plasma ratios for C-13-DHA were significantly higher than those for any other FA.


Twelve hours after oral application of C-13-labeled FAs, relatively stable tracer enrichment was achieved. We found a significantly higher ratio SN-38 cell line of C-13-DHA concentrations in cord plasma than in maternal plasma, which was higher than that for the other studied FAs. C-13-DHA is predominantly esterified into phospholipids and triglycerides in maternal plasma, which may facilitate its placental uptake and transfer. Am J Clin Nutr 2010; 92: 115-22.”
“Three dimensionally structured thin film photovoltaic devices based on interdigitated arrays of microscale electrodes are examined by external quantum efficiency simulations, indicating considerable J(SC) enhancement is possible through elimination of the front contact and window layer required in planar

geometry devices. Electrode parameters including, pitch, width, height, and material are modeled and experimentally probed, demonstrating experimentally and capturing in models dependence on intrinsic material properties and electrode dimensions. In contrast to analogous silicon wafer back contact solar cells where the electrodes are placed on the silicon absorber at the end of processing, in www.selleckchem.com/products/oligomycin-a.html this design the semiconductor is deposited on the electrodes, taking advantage of the thin film processing already required. Electrodeposited CdS/CdTe heterojunction devices approach 1% efficiencies with simulations as well as optical measurements indicating significant potential for improvement. Suboptimal performance is attributed to unintended materials reactions that preclude annealing at the temperatures required for absorber optimization as well RG-7112 ic126 as the Schottky barrier formation on the nonoptimal electrode materials. The test bed structures and absorber synthesis processes are amenable to an array of deposition techniques for fabrication and measurements of three dimensionally structured

semiconductors, contact materials, and photovoltaic devices subject to processing feasibility and materials compatibility. (C) 2011 American Institute of Physics. [doi: 10.1063/1.3561487]“
“Rice straw fiber-high density polyethylene (HDPE) composites were prepared to investigate the effects of rice straw fiber morphology (rice straw refined fiber, rice straw pellet, rice straw strand), fiber content (20 and 40 wt %), and maleic anhydride polyethylene (MAPE) concentration (5 wt %) on the mechanical and thermal properties of the rice straw fiber-HDPE composites in this study. Rice straw refined fiber exhibited more variability in length and width, and have a higher aspect ratio of 16.3. Compared to the composites filled of rice straw pellet, the composites made of the refined fiber and strand had a slightly higher tensile strength and lower tensile elongation at break.

All nanoparticles analyzed were well-separated, roughly spherical

All nanoparticles analyzed were well-separated, roughly spherical structures with uniform particle size distribution in the range of 15.23 +/- 10.97 nm. The peptide association efficiency www.selleckchem.com/products/gkt137831.html was 78.4%. The brain uptake efficiency of nano-antigen was 80.6%; uptake efficiency of antigen alone was only 20.6%. ELISA showed that the nano-vaccine had favorable immunogenicity. A chitosan nano-carrier for A beta allowed permeation

of the BBB and was non-immunogenic. These findings indicate that this novel targeted nano-vaccine delivery system can be used as a carrier for A beta. This system will further research of peptide vaccines for AD.”
“Electrical spin-injection across the Fe3O4:Al0.1Ga0.9As interface has been measured. We quantify this effect in an In0.2Ga0.8As: GaAs spin-light emitting diode optical device. The optical polarization signal is maintained from 4.2 up to 200 K without influence of the metal-insulator Verwey transition in the bulk of the Fe3O4 film. An incomplete oxidation at the interface may be detrimental for this device, as it has a similar spin-injection efficiency to that of Fe: Al0.1Ga0.9As. Ambient temperature operation of this device may be possible although the present polarization levels remain too low for practical spintronic applications. We demonstrate the first step in the integration of molecular beam epitaxy-grown magnetic oxides

into III-V semiconductor devices. (C) 2010 American Institute of Physics. [doi: 10.1063/1.3462435]“
“In this study, natural rubber (NR) nanocomposites based on carbon black (CB) and two poly(ethylene glycol) selleck chemicals llc (PEG)-modified clay hybrid filler were fabricated. The morphology and mechanical properties were studied. The dynamic properties of NR vulcanizates were investigated over a range of strain amplitude at two temperatures. It was found that NR with hybrid filler exhibits superior mechanical properties over that with CB as single phase filler. The hybrid filler causes a significant alteration in the dynamic properties of rubber. The Payne effect becomes

more LY2835219 pronounced in rubber with modified clay. A decrease in loss factor (Lino) was observed for rubber with hybrid filler also. The results revealed that the inclusion of nanoclay (NC) could induce a stronger and more developed filler network. Because of the anisotropy of the nanolayers, NC would depress the reconstruction of filler network, or lower the reformation rates when broken down under deformation, giving rise to lower tan delta value at broad temperature range as well as strain amplitude. (C) 2010 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 118: 1111-1120, 2010″
“Limited aqueous solubility of exemestane leads to high variability in absorption after oral administration. To improve the solubility and bioavailability of exemestane, the self-microemulsifying drug delivery system (SMEDDS) was developed.

The pathogenetic mechanisms associated

with cardiac surge

The pathogenetic mechanisms associated

with cardiac surgery-associated AKI include several biochemical pathways, of which the most important are hemodynamic, inflammatory and nephrotoxic factors. Risk factors for AKI have been identified in several models, and these facilitate physicians to prognosticate and develop a strategy for tackling patients predisposed to developing renal dysfunction. Effective therapy of the condition is still suboptimal, and hence the accent has always been on risk factor modification. Thus, strategies for reducing preoperative anemia, perioperative blood transfusions and surgical re-explorations may be effective in attenuating the incidence and severity of this complication.”
“Routine clinical use of 2D-3D registration algorithms STI571 order for Image Guided Surgery remains limited. A key aspect for routine clinical use of this technology is its degree of automation, i.e., the amount of necessary knowledgeable interaction between

the clinicians and the registration system. Current image-based registration approaches usually require knowledgeable manual interaction during two stages: for initial pose estimation and for Doramapimod supplier verification of produced results. We propose four novel techniques, particularly suited to vertebra-based registration systems, which can significantly automate both of the above stages. Two of these techniques are based upon the intraoperative “”insertion”" of a virtual fiducial marker into the preoperative data. The remaining two techniques Ricolinostat use the final registration similarity value between multiple CT vertebrae and a single fluoroscopy

vertebra. The proposed methods were evaluated with data from 31 operations (31 CT scans, 419 fluoroscopy images). Results show these methods can remove the need for manual vertebra identification during initial pose estimation, and were also very effective for result verification, producing a combined true positive rate of 100% and false positive rate equal to zero. This large decrease in required knowledgeable interaction is an important contribution aiming to enable more widespread use of 2D-3D registration technology.”
“The liver is currently considered to be one of the first organs to be subjected to the hypoxic insult inflicted by hemorrhagic shock. The oxidative injury caused by resuscitation also targets the liver and can lead to malfunction and the eventual failure of this organ. Each of the various fluids, vasoactive drugs, and pharmacologic substances used for resuscitation has its own distinct effect(s) on the liver, and the anesthetic agents used during surgical resuscitation also have an impact on hepatocytes. The aim of our study was to identify the specific effect of these substances on the liver. To this end, we conducted a literature search of MEDLINE for all types of articles published in English, with a focus on articles published in the last 12 years.

After adjusting for differences in pre-hospital factors, women we

After adjusting for differences in pre-hospital factors, women were more likely to survive to hospital arrival than men (aOR 3.47, 95% CI: 2.19-5.50), but

no gender differences were seen in survival to hospital discharge either overall or specifically click here in women aged between 18 and 44 years. Both younger men and younger women were more likely to survive to hospital discharge compared to older men and women.

Conclusion: Women were more likely to survive to hospital arrival despite less favourable baseline variables. However, this initial improvement in survival did not translate to better survival to hospital discharge either overall, or in women of a reproductive age. Further study is required to determine gender selleckchem differences in the underlying causes of OHCA and in EMS transportation practices. (C) 2012 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.”
“Lipid rafts are defined as microdomains within the lipid bilayer of cellular membranes that assemble subsets of transmembrane or glycosylphosphatidylinisotol-anchored proteins and lipids (cholesterol and sphingolipids) and experimentally resist extraction in cold detergent (detergent-resistant membrane). These highly dynamic raft domains are essential in signaling processes and

also form sorting platforms for targeted protein traffic. Lipid rafts are involved in protein endocytosis that occurs via caveolae or flotillin-dependent pathways. Non-constitutive protein components

of rafts fluctuate dramatically in cancer with impacts on cell proliferation, signaling, protein trafficking, adhesion and apoptosis. This article focuses on the identification of candidate cancer-associated biomarkers in carcinoma cells using state-of-the-art proteomics.”
“Purpose: To improve the aqueous solubility of phloridzin by complexing it with hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin (HP-beta-CD).

Methods: The complex of phloridzin with HP-beta-CD was prepared by freeze-drying method. BI 6727 inhibitor The physicochemical properties of the complex were investigated by ultraviolet-visible spectrometry (UV), infrared spectrometry (IR), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and x-ray diffractometry (XRD). The antioxidant activity was examined by DPPH and ABTS radical-scavenging activities.

Results: Phloridzin in the complex was molecularly dispersed in HP-beta-CD matrix. The complex was an effective scavenger of DPPH and ABTS radicals. At a concentration of 0.8 mg/mL and 30 mu g/mL, DPPH and ABTS radical scavenging activities of the complex were 83.7 and 74.9 %, respectively.

Conclusion: By forming inclusion complex with HP-beta-CD, the solubility of phloridzin in water was significantly enhanced. The complex showed strong DPPH and ABTS radical scavenging activities.”
“Chronic inflammation is proposed to prime the development of prostate cancer.

The loading cases standing, flexion, extension, lateral bending,

The loading cases standing, flexion, extension, lateral bending, axial rotation and walking were simulated. In a subsequent sensitivity analysis, the coefficients of correlation and determination of the input parameters on the von Mises stresses were calculated. The loading case has a strong influence on the maximum

von Mises stress. In cancellous bone, the median value of the maximum von Mises stresses for the different input parameter combinations varied between 1.5 (standing) and 4.5 MPa (flexion). The ranges of the stresses are large for all loading cases studied. Depending on the loading case, up to 69% of the maximum stress variation could be explained by the seven input parameters. The fracture shape and the elastic modulus of the fractured region have the highest influence. In cortical bone, the median values of the maximum von Mises stresses varied Cl-amidine clinical trial between 31.1 (standing) and 61.8 MPa (flexion). The seven input parameters could explain up to 80% of the stress variation here. It is the fracture shape, which has always the highest influence on the stress variation. In bone cement, the median value

of the maximum von Mises stresses varied between 3.8 (standing) and 12.7 MPa (flexion). Up to 75% of the maximum stress variation in cement could be explained by the seven input parameters. Fracture shape, and the elastic moduli of bone cement and of the fracture region are those input find more parameters with the highest influence on the stress

variation. In the model with no fracture, the maximum von Mises stresses are generally low. The present probabilistic and sensitivity study clearly showed that in vertebroplasty the maximum stresses in the augmented vertebral body and in bone cement depend mainly on the loading JNK-IN-8 case and fracture shape. Elastic moduli of cement, fracture region and cancellous bone as well as cement volume have sometimes a moderate effect while number and symmetry of cement plugs have virtually no effect on the maximum stresses.”
“Background: The free fibula flap is the standard of care in mandibular reconstruction; however, procedural nuances continue to optimize results. More accurate and efficient osteotomies for graft insetting can be envisioned, which address the difficulty in obtaining a perfect match between the cut ends of the fibula and the mandible and the subsequent giving up of maximal bone contact. We propose a method of complementary offset osteotomies. The angled cuts were virtually planned using three-dimensional computed tomographic images. Optimal offset cuts maximized surface area contact and facilitated intraoperative repositioning in the setting of additional native bone margin requirement.