Considering that much of what society at large learns on disorder

Considering that much of what society at large learns on disorders on the autism spectrum is produced by representations of autism in novels, TV-series, movies or autobiographies, it will be of vital importance to scrutinize these representations and to check whether or not they are, in fact, misrepresenting autism. In quite a few cases, media representations of talent and special abilities can be said to have contributed Stem Cells & Wnt inhibitor to a harmful divergence between the general

image of autism and the clinical reality of the autistic condition.”
“A novel design of a miniature search coil magnetometer is proposed based on the integration of the electronics and batteries within the hollow core of the search coil. In contrast with conventional designs, where the search coil and its electronics have individual housings and electrostatic shields, this paper presents a design in which the core of the search coil serves both as the housing and the magnetic shield for the electronics and batteries. Moreover, the electrostatic shield of the search coil also shields the electronics and batteries. We found that a thin-wall tube core with sufficient

permeability is able to replace a solid rod core without decreasing the average flux sensed by the coil winding. In addition, the outer diameter of the tube core can be increased beyond its optimum size to provide more space for the electronics and batteries without considerably affecting the search coil resolution. To validate the effectiveness of this new design, a miniature search coil magnetometer was built and tested for very low frequencies and ultra-low power

consumption. (C) 2010 American Institute of Physics. [doi: 10.1063/1.3337750]“
“Background and aims: We hypothesized that (I) certain features in cholesterol metabolism at baseline could predict a response to statins, (II) good and poor responders to statins have a differential profile of serum and fecal sterols and (III) serum non-cholesterol sterols reflect cholesterol metabolism on statins.

Methods and results: We examined serum lipids, Nutlin 3 serum and fecal cholesterol, cholesterol precursors, cholestanol and phytosterols and cholesterol metabolism among 20 hypercholesterolemic men at baseline and on 16-wk simvastatin/fluvastatin treatment.

At baseline, the mean of serum cholestanol/cholesterol was 11% lower but those of lathosterol/cholesterol, lathosterol/cholestanol, desmosterol/cholesterol, desmosterol/cholestanol were 36-65% higher among good than poor responders (p < 0.05 for each). On statins, reductions in ratios of serum precursor sterols and increases of absorption sterols were 1.8-2.9 times higher among good than poor responders (p < 0.05 for each).

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