A literature review [14], which identified the potential effects

A literature review [14], which identified the potential effects of seeing and sharing experiences online, guided the identification of five themes. These five themes were found to be applicable to the impact of exposure to health websites containing scientific information and/or experiential information: 1) Information. Participants used websites to learn about their health and increase their knowledge on specific aspects of a condition. Participants

used the internet to instantly access information and typically consulted multiple websites. …we became experts on trisomies and all sorts of genetic disorders…it’s wonderful Selleck CHIR-99021 now with the internet because you just dial up you know ‘genetics’, or ‘abnormalities’ and you just go on this journey and find out absolutely everything there is to know…. (Fetal abnormality) EAP32 Confirmatory data sources were reviewed in order to ensure that each theme identified had been fully explored and that no additional themes were evident. No further themes were identified, however, members of the user panel were concerned that people could become heavily reliant

on relationships formed through health discussion forums and may become isolated from the ‘real’ (or offline) world. Whilst members of the user panel and participants in the Northumbria discussion groups acknowledged that consulting the internet could prevent unnecessary visits to the doctor, there were concerns that individuals might misunderstand Suplatast tosilate online health information or be misled www.selleckchem.com/products/SB-431542.html by inaccuracies in the content. Statements (376), in the form of verbatim quotes, representing the identified themes for the item pool were drawn from HERG transcripts. Generic statements (149) which could be answered by people across health conditions were identified by LK. Statements were recast as questionnaire items and reduced to 67 items in an iterative process involving

all authors. In the absence of suitable verbatim statements, fifteen further items relating to the identified themes were constructed by the research team. See Table 2 for example items representing each theme. Minor amendments to the wording of the preamble and items were made in order to improve clarity following reviewers’ comments. Amendments were made to two items following reviewers concern that they were unsuitable for participants with low health literacy. Reviewers agreed that items covered the themes identified as relevant to the impact of exposure to health websites and that items were answerable across a range of health conditions and roles (i.e. by a patient or a carer). Participants (n = 21) were 6 men and 15 women with a mean age of 45 years old (SD16.2). Five were carers and 16 had a specific health condition.

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