The main limitation of this study is that it was designed

The main limitation of this study is that it was designed primarily

to assess drug toxicity, not efficacy. It therefore included no specific procedures for assessing compliance with treatment, follow-up post-ATV interruption or therapeutic drug monitoring in the patients not taking RTV. Different patterns of mutations have been described in patients failing boosted vs. unboosted ATV-containing regimens [20]. This could not be assessed in this cohort as data are not available on resistance tests performed in treatment-failing patients. It is nevertheless useful to describe the problems emerging during ‘real-life’ treatment of HIV-infected patients. Our results suggest that, in an unselected clinical setting, ATV-containing antiretroviral therapy has a lasting effect and is safe in both formulations; efficacy was still seen when unboosted ATV was given together with TDF. This is a worthwhile finding as it confirms that ATV-containing regimens can be used safely, permitting RTV sparing, in patients already intolerant to the booster. The Coordinamento Italiano Studio Allergie e Infezione

da HIV (CISAI) comprises the following members. Co-ordination: T. Quirino, P. Bonfanti and E. Ricci. Recruitment sites and investigators: C. Abeli and B. Menzaghi (Busto Arsizio); C. Grosso and A. Stagno (Cesena); A. Cappelletti and D. Santoro (Como); ATPase inhibitor S. Carradori and F. Ghinelli (Ferrara); F. Vichi and F. Mazzotta (Firenze, S. Maria Annunziata); C. Martinelli, R. Giustini and F. Leoncini (Firenze, Careggi); G. Penco and G. Cassola (Genova); S. Miccolis and A. Scalzini (Mantova); S.

Landonio, S. Melzi and G. Rizzardini (I Divisione, Ospedale Sacco, Milano); L. Valsecchi and L. Cordier (II Divisione, Ospedale Sacco, Milano); S. Rusconi and M. Galli (Clinica Malattie Infettive, Ospedale Sacco, Milano); E. Rosella and G. Fioni (Milano); M. Franzetti (Padova); C. Sfara, G.V. De Socio and G. Stagni (Perugia); G. Parruti (Pescara); B. Adriani and A. Paladini (Prato); G. Madeddu and M. S. Mura (Sassari); P. Marconi and A. Antinori (Roma); G. Orofino and P. Caramello (Torino); G. Cristina and F. Carcò (Vercelli); D. Migliorini and O. Armignacco (Viterbo). Montelukast Sodium This study was supported by an ISS grant (Project no. 30G.60) from the Ministry of Health, Rome, Italy. “
“The extent to which clinical progression of HIV-positive patients leads to an increase in health care utilization, especially prior to their death, is unknown. Thus, we modelled trends in CD4 cell count and emergency department utilization and the likelihood of an emergency department visit leading to a transfer to an acute care-level facility prior to a patient’s death from nonaccidental causes.

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